Inspire Growth Housing Semi Independent Living

Inspire Growth Care provides 24 hour semi independent Inspire Growth Care - Mentoring and Support Services for young peopleaccommodation for young adults 16+ with medium to high support needs.

Our accommodation facilities offers placements of exceptional quality, with outcome focused support in a spacious personalised family home environment.

 We provide solution-focused support, training and development programmes for young people with complex needs.


I just visited the house and found it very inspiring. I grew up in an adoptive and foster home and have since been working with adults with mental health problems and psychosis in a therapeutic capacity. Care and support facilities for vulnerable young people are desperately needed in the current climate, when so many families are struggling and children are being subjected to neglect and abuse. Miles and Ash are creating a peaceful space in a residential neighbourhood for young people in need of a home to live, settle, and seek guidance and mentoring. It is an innovative and exciting project with scope for offering counselling, workshops and spaces for residents to share, gain independence and develop important life skills. I wish them a lot of luck with this vital new service.

Elizabeth Moynagh,

    We work with young people who are: 

    • Vulnerable
    • Absconders
    • Hard to reach
    • Young offenders
    • Substance Misuse
    • Young people with moderate learning disabilities
    • Young people displaying violent and aggressive behaviour
    • Young people with diagnosed/undiagnosed mental health concerns


       Our CommitmentInspire Growth Housing Semi Independent Living

      • Safeguarding young people is paramount
      • Access to mental health services
      • Positive development of young people
      • Education and training opportunities for young people
      • Clear boundaries in a optimal environment for growth
      • Access to Therapeutic interventions tailored to
        young peoples needs
      • Experienced and qualified team including social workers and mentors



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